Grass Fed Beef

From the pasture to the table.

We currently sell our 7-D Grass Fed Beef products direct to the consumer. This is a great Value Added way to purchase Grass Fed Beef. If you don’t need an entire Steer, get together with family or friends and split up the Steer for different households.  A small-sized chest freezer will hold an entire Steer.

There is huge flexibility in the way your beef is processed when you purchase a Steer.

Your Butchered Beef can be shipped to your address or you can pick it up.

All of these 7-D animals have been pasture raised on their Mothers sides, which greatly improves the quality of the tenderness of the beef. 7D uses no sub-therapeutic antibiotics, no growth hormones or other growth stimulants, This is the exact same Beef we feed our families




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