They have a reddish-brown coat with an off-white underbelly and have a soft mane along the throat and chest instead of a typical goat’s beard. They stand at 2-3ft tall at the shoulder and can weigh from 90-300lbs with mature rams typically weighing more than 270lb. Aoudad rams make a great trophy due to their backward sweeping, inward curving, corrugated horns which can grow to more than 30 inches. Their keen senses of hearing, smell, and alertness make for an exciting and challenging hunt.


Package Information

Exotic Hunting Packages

Price includes the following:


  • Choice exotic

  • One Night Cabin stay

  • Meals

  • Access to gun range

  • Fishing

  • Guide Fee Includes field dress, clean and quarter


  • Skeet Shooting - $25 per person (Includes 20 skeet; additional skeet are $1 per) $45 per person (includes 20 skeet, shotgun and ammo; additional shots are $2 per)

  • Hog Hunt - $150 plus extra $50 guide fee

  • Delivery to the processor - $100 per animal

  • Corn Hole and Washers

  • Adult Beverages


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