American Bison


American Bison

The American Bison is the quintessential image of the American West. 7D Ranch is pleased to offer these majestic beasts right here in Texas for hunts. The largest terrestrial animals in North America, bison are characterized by a hump over the front shoulders and slimmer hindquarters. Both male and female bison have a single set of short, sharply pointed, hollow horns that curve outward and up from the sides of the massive head. The head, neck, forelegs, and front parts of the body have a thick coat of long, dark hair.

The adult bull adds to this thick coat with a black beard about one foot long. The rear part of the body is covered with much shorter hair.  Bison have an excellent sense of hearing and smell, but cannot see very well, so an entire herd can stampede if it is startled. Bison have cloven hoofs, and can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour (48 kilometers per hour).

Bison are usually found in bands arranged by sex, age, season, and habitat. Older bulls are often solitary. Both cows and bulls live in a dominance hierarchy, which is established early in life. Most of the year, females with young form small bands, and immature bulls may stay with them. The bands may congregate in large herds in the spring or fall to search for food or water. Mature males have their own groups that may reach up to 30 individuals. Grazing takes place during several periods each day and is conducted in loose groups. When bison travel, they form a line. Bison are also adept swimmers, able to cross streams and rivers without difficulty.

Package information

Exotic Hunting Packages – Price includes the following


  • Choice exotic

  • One Night Cabin stay

  • Meals

  • Access to gun range

  • Fishing

  • Guide Fee Includes field dress, clean and quarter


  • Skeet Shooting - $25 per person (Includes 20 skeet; additional skeet are $1 per) $45 per person (includes 20 skeet, shotgun and ammo; additional shots are $2 per)

  • Hog Hunt - $150 plus extra $50 guide fee

  • Delivery to the processor - $100 per animal

  • Corn Hole and Washers

  • Adult Beverages

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