281 Brangus Bred Heifers for sale.

Ship From: Cameron, Tx
# for Sale: 281
Origin: Native
Breed: Brangus
Age: Coming 2s
Est. Weight: Avg 950lbs
Frame: Medium to large
Condition: Fleshy
Vaccinations: Comprehensive vaccination program
Horns: None
Bred To: Angus, Angus+, Brangus Bulls
Preg-Checked: Dr. Ritcher DVM
Calving Period: Now thru January 30+ Calves as of Early November
Pasture/Feed: Improved pasture, salt, mineral, syrup
Delivery Date: Available now
Sell Part/All: 25 head minimum
Price: Call for price
Payment: Wire transfer
Seller: Jacob 936-870-5131 – Call Anytime