In October, the bucks gather the does into harems. There is a certain amount of fighting, but this is mostly for show. It is a myth that bucks do not eat during the rutting season, which lasts from September to mid-October. Bucks bulk up prior to rut season and still lose a lot of weight because they are not ingesting enough food to meet the huge energy demands of the rut. They mark off and defend a small area known as a “stand” from which other rutting males are excluded.


Package Information

Exotic Hunting Packages – Price includes the following


  • Choice exotic

  • One Night Cabin stay

  • Meals

  • Access to gun range

  • Fishing

  • Guide Fee Includes field dress, clean and quarter


  • Skeet Shooting - $25 per person (Includes 20 skeet; additional skeet are $1 per) $45 per person (includes 20 skeet, shotgun and ammo; additional shots are $2 per)

  • Hog Hunt - $150 plus extra $50 guide fee

  • Delivery to the processor - $100 per animal

  • Corn Hole and Washers

  • Adult Beverages


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