7D Ranch is cow/calf ranching operation located in Navasota, Texas. Our goal at 7D is provide our customers with a quality cut of beef at an affordable price. The best way for 7D to accomplish this is to offer our own personal beef straight off the ranch. 7D uses the best genetics for meat quality available for our dams and sires to provide an offspring of these superior genetics. Being able to provide a superior quality beef product is our first step in allowing our valued customers to serve the very same beef we enjoy ourselves here on the ranch.

Our cattle at 7D have almost 2,000 acres of native pasture to graze and natural creeks and springs to drink the cleanest water possible. This ensures your beef from us has had lots of space and a clean environment for healthy growth. 7D grass-fed beef will be one of the healthiest cuts of meat you can prepare. We use Absolutely NO Antibiotics or Growth Hormones. All 7D cattle are All Naturally born and raised on fresh green grass and their mommas milk. Our dams are superb milk producers which provide the key essentials for growing the healthiest tastiest beef with a great flavor.

Something that is very important to us at 7D is being able to ensure that you know where the beef on your table came from. When you are in the grocery store looking for a cut of beef there are many unanswered questions. Is that product raised in the United States? How old was that animal at harvest? Was this animal raised in a small pen? Was this calf fed a grain based ration or grass-fed? Was this calf given growth hormones or antibiotics? Well we have all these answers for you. The calf was born and raised in Navasota, Texas at 7D Ranch. The calf will be 8-12 months old at harvest depending on individual’s birthdate. The calf was not raised in a small pen but on almost 2,000 acres of natural forage on 7D Ranch. Total Grass-fed diet. No Antibiotics or Hormones. With the bio security plan in place to prevent disease and keep all cattle healthy here at the ranch, we stand behind our beef and where it comes from.

Now that you have made the right decision to keep your family healthy and feed grass-fed beef, you have the #2 question? What does it cost? Well our answer is simple- “ It Depends”! HAHA! We have the whole beef purchase which is the entire animal. We have the ½ beef purchase which includes ½ of the animal. This ½ beef purchase works great for siblings to split, splitting with parents, splitting with your coworker, or just get ½ beef for your family. ¼ beefs are available to split and get an excellent product for and awesome price. Price is $6 per pound by hanging weight. That’s right ribeyes, primerib, tbones, sirloins and fajitas are all the same price.  All beef can be picked up here in Navasota at the local meat processor. If you plan to come pick up your beef call ahead and book a night stay in one of our cozy cabins and tour the ranch.