Grass Fed Beef

From the pasture to the table. We currently sell our 7-D Grass Fed Beef products direct to the consumer. This is a great Value Added way to purchase Grass Fed Beef. If you don’t need an entire Steer, get together with family or friends and split up the Steer for different households.  A small-sized chest freezer will hold an entire Steer.

There is huge flexibility in the way your beef is processed when you purchase a grass fed Steer. Your Butchered Grass Fed Beef can be shipped to your address or you can pick it up at the processor or at the ranch.

All of  7-D animals have been pasture raised on their Mothers sides, which greatly improves the quality of the tenderness of the beef. 7D uses no sub-therapeutic antibiotics, no growth hormones or other growth stimulants, This is the exact same Beef we feed our families.

7D Ranch has grass fed beef for sale at different times of the year. Please Contact Us for additional information about when our  beef will be available.

7D Ranch offer  Packages including quarter, half, and whole animals. Our grass fed beef can be customized include just about whatever you want. Cut sheets are available from our processors.

3 Reasons You NEED To Start Eating Grassfed Beef!

You’ve probably heard some of the hype about grass fed, free range beef – but maybe you’re not totally buying it. After all, you might say to yourself “It’s just beef! How much different could it really be?”

But they say you are what you eat – and beef that is grass-fed is just better than beef fed on corn and other grains. Why? We’re glad you asked – here are 3 of the top reasons that grass fed beef in Texas is better!

1. It Just Tastes Better!

Cows have been feeding naturally by grazing on grass for millennia – it’s the most natural way for them to eat! Because of this, cows that feed on grass tend to be healthier, and have a more consistent diet. Cows that eat grass also don’t gain weight as rapidly as cows that have been “finished” with a diet of corn and other high-calorie grains.

This all adds up to a better overall taste and quality of beef! Grass fed beef tends to be darker in color, leaner, and has a more “clean” taste that brings out the natural quality of the meat.

Once you’ve had a grass fed steak, you’ll realize that you’ve been missing out – and you’ll be Googling “Where to buy grass fed beef” within a minute!

2. Lower Fat Content And Higher Levels Of Omega-3s!

This is great news for you beef lovers out there. We all love a good steak or a burger, but too much fat in our diets can lead to some serious health problems. But lean grass fed beef offers a better way to eat red meat!

Typical grass fed beef packages are much lower in fat than the traditionally-fed competition. In a grain-fed beef loin, you’ll find about 9 grams of fat in a 3oz serving – but a steak from a cow that’s been grassfed will have only a little over 2 grams of fat in the same serving!

In addition, grass fed beef has a higher level of helpful fats like omega-3 fatty acids – which could contribute to better heart health.

3. Fewer Hormones And Antibiotics!

Cows that are “finished” by feeding grain at a feedlot tend to be packed together with a large volume of other animals. The grain that’s fed to them can also make their intestinal tracts more acidic – increasing the likelihood of harmful bacteria like E. Coli thriving in the feedlot environment.

This means that farmers must use more antibiotics and hormones to combat infection and maintain the health of cows – and these will end up in your beef.

In contrast, grass-fed cows are usually raised on a pasture for their entire lives. They have plenty of space to live and relax, and because they’re not in close proximity with other cows, there is less of a risk of infections and diseases spreading rapidly. Because of this, farmers can reduce the usage of antibiotics and hormones – and even eliminate them altogether!

Don’t bother with mass-manufactured, commercial beef. If you buy grass-fed, you’ll get steaks with better flavor, a more healthy nutrient profile, and lower levels of hormones and antibiotics. Once you’ve tried our delicious beef, you’ll never buy commercial, grain-fed beef again – that’s a guarantee

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