wild hogs


Wild hogs

The best hog hunting in Texas! The Wild Hog population in the United States continues to grow rapidly due to their high reproduction rate, generalist diet, and lack of natural predators. 7D Ranch offers year round wild hog hunts here in Texas. The wild hog numbers have grown and continue to grow each day. Wild pigs have expanded their range in the United States from 18 States in 1982 to 35 States in 2016. It was recently estimated that the rate of northward range expansion by wild pigs accelerated from approximately 4 miles to 7.8 miles per year from 1982 to 2012.

This rapid range expansion can be attributed to an estimated 18-21% annual population growth and an ability to thrive across various environments, however, one of the leading causes is the human-mediated transportation of wild pigs for hunting purposes. Its sense of smell is very well developed to the point that the animal is used for drug detection in Germany. Its hearing is also acute, though its eyesight is comparatively weak, lacking color vision and being unable to recognize a standing human 10–15 meters (33–49 ft.) away. 



Package Information

Exotic Hunting Packages

Price includes the following:


  • Choice exotic

  • One Night Cabin stay

  • Meals

  • Access to gun range

  • Fishing

  • Guide Fee Includes field dress, clean and quarter


  • Skeet Shooting - $25 per person (Includes 20 skeet; additional skeet are $1 per) $45 per person (includes 20 skeet, shotgun and ammo; additional shots are $2 per)

  • Hog Hunt - $150 plus extra $50 guide fee

  • Delivery to the processor - $100 per animal

  • Corn Hole and Washers

  • Adult Beverages


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