Hunting at 7D Ranch

For all of our beginner to experienced hunters, we cannot wait to see you this year for some incredible hunts! We have tons of different animals, experiences and accommodations for whatever you are looking for! Just a reminder that 7D has something for everyone. So, bring your family, kids, spouse, friends, colleagues, and everyone else out to have a great weekend. While some of you may be concentrating on hunting, we can ensure the rest of your party stays busy with activities such as trail riding, kayaking, fishing, and much more!

For our hunters, let’s discuss more about some of the animals you are going to see:

The Wild Hog

The best time of year for hog hunting in Texas is December- February but you can hunt them all year long because trust us, there is not a shortage of feral hogs, to say the least! There are 9 million wild hogs in the United States, 1.5 million of them are found in Texas. Texas spends 4 million dollars a year trying to control the hog population. Hogs are a super fun and exciting hunt whether it's during the day or at night.

The Challenging Aoudad

Aoudad are an incredible hunt as well as challenging because of their great sense of smell, hearing, and alertness but make for a very rewarding game. Their alertness plays into the challenging hunt ahead, at the first sign of trouble, they flee, fast and normally uphill and can actually jump from a stand still over 7 feet. An Aoudad is a wild mountain sheep that can be hunted year around that interestingly the leopard is their natural predator. They are sure footed and incredible climbers.

The Elusive Oryx

The Oryx are a year around hunted large antelope with long, straight, spear- like horns. They are the true desert animal, going long amounts of time without any water. These huge antelope can be up to 400 pounds and have large V shaped horns, they are prized for their beautiful horns and delicious meat. Their meat is so sought after that they have almost been hunted to the point of extinction in the wild.

The Unique Texas Dall Sheep

These sheep are an incredible addition to your trophy collection because they are bred in Texas for hunting reasons and are sleek all white sheep, including their hooves and horns which are colorless. They never shed their horns so they keep growing and growing, and get to approximately 35 inches. Interestingly, male and female Texas Dall Sheep do not stay together but live in separate groups.

These ANIMALS ARE just an example of some of the exotic wildlife we have here at 7D Ranch. If you are interested in a hunt, call our office today and let's see what we can put together to ensure you have an incredible and successful hunting experience!

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