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Living on and working at 7D Ranch is a lifestyle not many folks can do. our ranch is a fully operational, working cattle ranch. What does that mean exactly? it means we raise cattle on our 1600 acre ranch that can be used for food consumption or for other means. many times, other ranchers will buy males and females in hopes of passing off certain genetic characteristics to their current cattle or to introduce a new blood line to the herd.

So what breeds do we have out here at 7D?We offer many breeds and classifications of cattle at one of our several pasture locations in Central Texas. Among our preferred breeds are: Angus +, Brahman, Black Baldies +, Braford, Brangus, Brangus Baldies, Hereford and Tiger-stripe. Our cattle are offered as Yearling Grass Fed Slaughter Cattle, Replacement Heifers, 1st Calf Heifers bred to Angus, Angus +, Brahman, Brangus, or Hereford Bulls and 1st Calf Pairs.

All 7D cattle are all naturally born and raised on fresh green grass and their momma's milk. Our dams are superb milk producers which provide the key essentials for growing the healthiest, tastiest beef. We use absolutely NO antibiotics or growth hormones. This ensures your beef from us has had lots of space and a clean environment for healthy growth. 7D beef will be some of the healthiest cuts of meat you can prepare. If you are interested in purchasing cattle or processed beef, call our office today and let's see what we can do to help!

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