red stag


red stag

Often confused with elk because the overall similarity in appearance, red deer have a brown coat, that has a red hue that becomes more prominent in summer months.  Rump patch is light brown to rust in color.  Males develop neck “ruff” during autumn, persisting into winter. ​

Horns can grow at a rate of 1 inch a day.  Five to six points per side is common, but can be in excess of 20 per side.  Red deer stand between 41 and 48 inches at the shoulder.  Male weights range from 230 to 750 lbs, averaging 600 lbs in the U.S.  Females will weigh 190 lbs (+/- 30lbs).



Package Information

Exotic Hunting Packages – Price includes the following


  • Choice exotic

  • One Night Cabin stay

  • Meals

  • Access to gun range

  • Fishing

  • Guide Fee Includes field dress, clean and quarter

  • Add-ons

  • Skeet Shooting - $25 per person (Includes 20 skeet; additional skeet are $1 per) $45 per person (includes 20 skeet, shotgun and ammo; additional shots are $2 per)

  • Hog Hunt - $150 plus extra $50 guide fee

  • Delivery to the processor - $100 per animal

  • Corn Hole and Washers

  • Adult Beverages


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