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Here a 7D Ranch we like to focus on family and the ones that are new to learning ranch sorting. When you come out to 7D Ranch you will become a part of the 7D family. We try to sure that whatever level of experience you may be with cattle sorting from new to a pro, that you get the right kind of practice. We strive to have the best cattle possible and make sure you get all the practice in you want. When you enter our practice arena you get a minute and thirty second to work your horse and the cattle. I feel like this is what sets us apart from other places. We have a very laid back family orientated atmosphere. We love seeing everyone from the young’s one to the older ones having a good time and learning this great event.

7D Ranch is the only place in Grimes County that offers ranch sorting. We have practice every Friday night, with weather permitting. We start at 7:00pm and go until about 10:30pm. The fees are $30 a rider for unlimited rides. When you and your partner ride in the sorting pen you get a minute and thirty seconds to work you horse and cattle. We do our best to the best cattle possible, we normal have 20 to 30 head of fresh cattle. We rotate them ever 10th sort, that way the cattle stay fresh for everyone. Our sorting pen is two 60ft round pens with a 12ft gate in middle. We strive to keep our ground top notch, we keep the dirt watered and drug for the best dirt and to keep down on the dust.

7D Ranch really enjoys the kids so we offer fishing at the pound that is on site and only a couple hundred yards from the sorting arena. We also have several picnic tables for spectators. There are four cabins and stalls available for rent for anyone who would like to make a weekend at the 7D Ranch. We also have a lighted warm up area that we also keep watered and drug. The parking lot is also lit and made with rock so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the rainy seasons or stumbling around in the dark.

Ranch sorting at 7D Ranch is for all ages, if you can ride a horse you can sort here at 7D. we have experts on hand to help anyone learn the sport. We want everyone to enjoy their experience at the 7D Ranch, weather its sorting or just coming out to enjoy the beautiful scenery we have at the ranch.

Call 936-870-5114 for more info. Cabins & Horse pens are available for those who would like to spend the night.

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